March 18, 2008

 Like many, I use the web to check out reviews of products I am interested in getting, but has not incited the required amount of technolust in me to just go blindly in and just buy it. (I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent over the years doing just this) For the most part I enjoy most of the reviews that I read. Doesn’t much matter if it is a positive or negative review of the device. I just enjoy hearing peoples take on things. Let me qualify that last statement. I enjoy reading reviews from people that have a clue. By that I mean someone that overstands what the product is. I am so tired of reading reviews from ass-clowns that don’t have a clue what it is they are reviewing. How can you honestly come down on something you have no clue about.

Seems that everyone and their mom has a blog (present asshole included) and wants to put their $.02 in. I have nothing against that, but why would you review a piece of tech (or anything else for that matter) when you have no idea what it is or what its for. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your say, but whats wrong with talking about things you know about.


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