No-fly = No-travel?

March 19, 2008

Does it? I’m not sure, but signs are pointing that way for me. I discovered that I was on the no-fly list several years ago when I was returning to NJ from PR. While it pissed me off that I now somehow had to be cleared by some nameless person before I could travel, I was now also on some list where I get special attention during security checks. Well if this wasn’t bad enough I come to find out that it is worse than that. You see I had occasion to travel for work to Toronto for a conference and decided to skip the humiliation at the airport and travel by rail. I thought it would be nice to see more of the countryside and just have some time to myself without any outside distractions. The trip went fine until I got to the border. Customs agents came straight to me and pulled me aside. I was patted down and my bags were all opened and searched. Each item was then scrutinized and I was grilled about my chosen tools for shaving. (I use a straight razor) After being grilled about the purpose of my trip the train was allowed to continue with myself on board. The return trip was actually worse as the person that the company sent on the trip with me was also grilled for traveling with me. So my question is, how is it that they knew to come right to me? Especially since the tickets had just been purchased that morning. The return tickets were purchased by the company together the day before we returned. This is how they knew we were traveling together on the return trip but not on the trip up. Coincidence? I think not.

So how long is it before we have to carry travel documents with us everywhere? I can’t be the only person that thinks that the government was out of hand with the whole no-fly list. I mean really? Your going to tell me that as a business owner that I can’t have this person as a customer?! This person who has been a good customer for so many years? Nevemind that this person has served in not one but 2 branches of the military. So much for the land of the free. We are becoming the land of the afraid. For a country with such a history of fighting against tyranny and fighting for what we believe in, we are acting like such pussies. How is it that we can go impose our will on people that don’t want anything to do with us, yet we can’t keep our so called leaders from shitting all over us and making it illegal to complain about it? More in this to come…


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