Rare breed

March 19, 2008

People suck. Yeah you’ve heard me say it before. (and you will again) Every now and then though I come across someone that doesn’t. In this case it’s a company. The company is called Freestyle Ingenuity. These guys make what I think are the best crash cages on the market. I finally made up my mind and decided to order one for my bike, but unfortunately my year wasn’t listed. I dropped the company a quick email asking if they had any compatible and got a quick answer that although they did not they would be happy to make one for me if I could part with my bike for a week. While for now it isn’t possible for me to ride down to Texas for a week to have one made, it is something I am seriously considering. You can be sure though that if I do buy a newer bike this will be the first thing I buy for it and you can be sure that it will be from FI. No I have nothing to do with the company, nor do they know I had written this. Just like to give props to those that deserve it. Good products backed by great service aren’t the norm these days I am sad to say.


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