Home of the free?

April 14, 2008

I was sitting around earlier today and over heard a conversation between two kids waiting for the bus on the corner by my house. They seemed to be arguing about where they would live if they were rich and could afford to live anywhere. With a smile on my face I settled in nearby to eaves drop on them. Well let me say that the conversation went in a direction that surprised me and didn’t at the same time. You see, niether of them wanted to live here in the US. It wasn’t because they thought that they could get more for their money somewhere else, nor did they choose some island paradise. They chose different countries in South America. I was sorta surprised as they were both neighborhood kids and both are from S. America. They both overstand why their parents (in this case illegally) came to this country, yet they both would rather live in their homeland than here. Curiously I asked why.The response surprised me even further. Hell it depressed the shit out of me. The response they gave was simply freedom. I asked why they though t that they would have more freedom in a country that their parents left in great part for freedom. They both answered the same thing. America used to be the land of the free., but things have changed. The United States is becoming much like the country they left. A country where only the rich and powerful are truly free. A country where the founding principals have been brushed under the rug. I recall hearing someone say, “America is the greatest country in the world today ONLY because it is the freest country and if it ever loses sight of its basic heritage and the principals involved then we will no longer be free.” If I’m not mistaken that person was Larry Flynt. Not sure of the exact phrasing but it was along those lines.

As a nation we have come a long way, but I fear we are traveling down the wrong path. That was all me.


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