OMG! Police brutality.

May 14, 2008

The topic of police brutality has been coming up more often these days. Mainly more stories are being reported on the local news. I am hearing people talking about it on the streets, in diners and on the bus. More than half the time one of the people that is talking about it has a tone of surprise in their voice.This is a surprise? Really? I tend to laugh at people that just don’t get it, so I am laughing at myself at the moment. Yeah I don’t get it. How is it that people are only now becoming aware of this. Ok, maybe becoming aware is too strong a phrase, how about now willing to admit that it is a problem. Maybe it has something to do with the area I was raised in, but I don’t think I know many people that have not been assaulted in some way by officers while being arrested. Not only that, but think on the encounters you’ve had with the police over the years. Is there an incident where you felt that the officer was abusing his/her authority? I personally don’t know a person that can say no to that question.

It is not a new thing that police officers abuse their authority. In a way they tend to act very much like those spoiled rich brats you have seen. We all have seen a local store owner not accepting money for a cup of coffee from an officer, but think of the times that you just see the cop not reach for his wallet at all. The times he just kinda look at the cashier until they just waved them off. Think of the times when it was more than just coffee. There are other ways that officers abuse their authority. Have you ever been pulled over and been bullied into having your vehicle searched? You know what I mean, the officer asks you if they can search your vehicle, but they aren’t really asking. You don’t have anything to hide do you? Always in that tone… How about the times they just start searching?  The profile stops, the so called random searches and my new favorite, the terror prevention search. I have seen it happen several times while in traffic on the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. You will see them pull over and search vans and trucks. If you look close enough there is an apparent pattern to these random stops. If you are of Arab decent or look like it just go ahead and pull over you will be flagged. If you are hispanic or black then pull over you will be flagged if there aren’t any Arabs. If you are white just keep on driving, no matter what condition you vehicle is in. Hell you could be wearing a ski mask shoved to the top of your head in the heat of summer right after a bank robbery and you will be waved by. Sad but true. Why is it that if a cop gets pulled over for a traffic violation, a flash of the badge gets them off? Let me put it this way… I have seen a home video where a person was driving well over the speed limit and smoking pot. A cruiser flashes its lights and comes behind them, the driver opens the door and flashes his badge. The cruiser pulls off. The worst part is that the person that flashed the badge wasn’t a cop. This is an everyday thing. There isn’t anything new about this and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Wake up people.

“In the United States, there are an estimated 17,784 law enforcement agencies, spread out across the federal, state, and local levels of government. Policing and law enforcement services are mainly the jurisdiction of local government, with an estimated 12,666 local police agencies and 3,070 sheriff’s departments. Local police include county police, metropolitan police, city, and town police departments. In addition, there are 1,376 special-purpose district police agencies, with jurisdiction over parks, schools, housing, transit, etc”

“The first local modern police department established in the United States was the Boston Police Department in 1838 (In 1631 the Town of Boston started its first “Night Watch” ), followed by the New York City Police Department in 1844. Early on, police were not respected by the community, as corruption was rampant. ” (From wikipedia)

Sigh. Don’t forget while exercising your remaining civil rights that some of the rule don’t actually apply to all police. It seems that officers from the border patrol have the ability to stop and search people and property without a warrant or need of probable cause within 12 miles of any US border. From what I overstand they can also hold you for an undetermined period of time. I recommend you research this further for yourself as I could be off and will not be sharing my research with you.


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