June 23, 2008

Well, I did it. I quit my job. Not something that I’m happy about, but it had to be done. I can honestly say that this has to be the worst company I have ever worked for. The work itself was fine, its the extra shit attached to it that sucked. So what was it that made it so bad? Well not any one thing… Let me tell you what its like to work there. First off you have a 6 day work week, Monday to Saturday, your hours are from 7am to 8pm depending on what jobs you had for the day. You must be at your first job by 8am regardless of what time you get out of the mandatory weekly safety meetings. (nothing too bad so far) You have no sick days, you have 2 paid holidays for the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas day), no personal days. You have to purchase your tools (not typically uncommon) and have to use your own cellphone. Your phone is used to call and tell trackers that you are en-route to a job, once on-site you must call to be marked on-site. You will then call (at this point they say that you should use the customers phone, but in my experience many are either unwilling to allow you to use it or only have a cellphone which you will not get to use either. Not just that but a phone is like a tool and just like you shouldn’t be borrowing a hammer from the customer, same for the phone) to get service activated (typically a call center in India) once service is activated you then “educate” the customer on usage. Once that is complete you have to call and close the job out. This is crucial as they will provide you with a code (this code is needed to get paid). but before you get the code you must put the customer on the line so they can pitch additional services. Only then can you leave to the next job. You get paid by the job. Unfortunately you must bring all jobs up to spec, which means that you might have to redo an entire install during a service call for the amazing sum of $15. You are required to take the company van home and provide parking for it. (commercial plates which in my area means paying for parking) The company will not pay for tickets. (even parking tickets during work) All maintenance is your responsibility (paid by the company) and you need to find time during your work day. Once a month you have to come in to get your vehicle inventoried, did I mention that this is on a Sunday and you will not be paid for your time? The company puts a large emphasis on doing the job properly, but the moment that you call a supervisor with concerns about the site, you are told to get the install done no matter what. No many of you may have come to the conclusion that this is a contracting job and you’d be wrong. This is an in-house tech.

You make minimum wage for the time you are in training, which is typically a month but can be longer as you might have to wait to get a van. While you wait you are working with an experienced tech. (usually I was assigned to a guy that was fresh out of training and had to teach him how to use many of his tools and how to properly run wire) So you will be making someone else money as these techs are required to make you do many of the install tasks to demonstrate that you have the knowledge. (many will take advantage and make their trainees do their work with the excuse that they are testing them.) You are provided with one uniform shirt. You must purchase any additional clothing you feel you need, but you must wear only approved gear. Its not all negative. You get a basic medical plan and a free base Directv package. (which you must install on your own time)

There is more, but I don’t need to bore you further. Whats that? You want to know the company name?

Directech NE.
They are what is called a HSP (Home Service Provider) for Directv.


One comment

  1. I don’t know what company that is, bur, I would have been out the door when they said you must use you cell phone.
    I would have never made it to that first Sunday vehicle inventory.
    Good for you, to many good jobs with good companies to put up with that kind of crap!!

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