*Sigh* Another street party

July 5, 2008

Well here we are on the 3rd of July. My town has a celebration every year. Nothing too big mind you a simple block party type of thing. Of course this tends to be a major pain in the ass for those of us that live in the 4 block zone that gets shut down for the festivities. You see from noon ti sometime after 10pm, those of us that live on those blocks need to make arrangements to park elsewhere. This in a town that has serious parking issues to begin with in a part of town that has the biggest parking issues. Of course I happen to live on the block where the stage for the live music gets set up. For me this means that if I’m home there is no way I’m going to be able to watch any tv or listen to any music other than whatever is being blasted through my window. Thats on days when I’m not working, those days are even more special. Now I have to come home and battle for parking several blocks beyond where I’d normally park and fight my way through crowds to get home and not be able to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I thinks its great that the city has 2 of these events a year, but why can’t it be held on the huge field we have in town? Where they are set up for events and is owned by the city.


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