October 17, 2008

Why is it that I always feel like I don’t know enough? Every time I start a project of some sort or come up with an idea for a project, there always seems like there is an aspect of it I just don’t know how to do. I know it can’t just be me. Good example is I want to paint my bike, ( I actually want to build my next bike but that’s another story) thing is I don’t know how to airbrush. Thanks to several key hardware donations I now have a small compressor and airbrush so I will take the time and learn. Sad thing is I don’t see how I can afford to buy everything I need to learn all the associated skills needed to do everything I want to do.
I am looking at a collection of things I have aquired over the years as part of one of my hobbies or a needed component of something I wanted to do. When I think about the cost of these things it makes me want to cry as the accumaleted cost is a bit high, but when compared to what I’ll have to spend on future gear and knowledge… I shudder at the thought of the cost.
Bikes are expensive. Custom bikes more so. Add the cost of learning the skills involved in building one yourself to the cost of the parts plus the cost of tools both purchased and rented and the price quickly reaches the astronomical range right quick. Not that its going to keep me from trying, just hurts to think about it.
Money has never been very important to me. Sad that it is so important to others. I guess that instead of giving things I no longer use or have use for I’m gonna have to start selling them. Sad as I always felt that giving to those that did have a need but not the funds was always the right thing to do. But having been told to fuck off when asking someone I had helped in the past for a break in price for something I needed has made me begin to reconsider. Just re-enforces what I’ve always said. People suck.


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