October 17, 2008

There are days when you see quite a few bikes on the road. You know that  it’s riding ‘season’. WTF is riding season? I just don’t get it. I have a bike, I ride my bike because it’s my sole means of transport except for shoe leather express. I have issues with the buses in my area. I just don’t get people that ride only on nice days. I see them all the time rocking club colors. How hardcore are you that you put up your bike if it gets a little windy or god forbid it starts to rain? I see these guys that to hear them tell it they are more biker than anyone else. They live to ride and all the other cliches you constantly hear. Where are all these hardcore bikers when the temp starts to drop. I have to laugh. Last winter wasn’t what you can call a bad winter by any stretch of the imagination, yet on any given day you might see a bike on the road. Usually a cruiser and round here like as not it would be a Hells Angel. Chances are though that if it was a rice burner it was a Hardlife Rider. In my opinion thats a rider. People that truely are born to ride. Nevermind the wind rain and snow, you ride not only because you have no car, but because you have no car because you choose to ride. Only regret I have in riding a bike is that I can’t afford the bike that I want. If I owned an American cruiser (be it a Harley or a custom) I would ride even more than I do now. (which is every day already) So to all you guys that have bikes that don’t get used or barely touched, give some thought to helping out a biker that can’t afford what you have gathering dust.

Hardlife forever forever Hardlife


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