October 20, 2008

You know, you never really think about being poor until your in that position. Once you are in that stage right before homelessness is when you realize what a trap it really is. Seriously, how are you to get a job when you can’t afford to get to the interview, much less actually get to the job daily? Your at the end of your cash reserves, you have whatever is left in the refrigerator for food and have had no luck in finding work for several months. What exactly are you supposed to do. You’ve sold off everything you can, which is a losing proposition on its own. I mean you can never recoup anything close to what you paid for these things. Not in an area where most things are sold hot. Hard to compete with that pricing. Depression starts to set in, people start looking at you differently…

What is the path back to becoming just another member of society? I hear from many people that they are having hard times, that they are feeling the economic downturn. Yet these same people are buying new computers, and going out to dinner. They feel they have it bad because they can’t afford the payments on that spanking new Escalade Platinum Edition. BOO-HOO, you have to settle for a 5 series BMW, or in the “extreme” cases a Honda or Toyota. Never a used car. These people seriously need to get a grip. Your not having hard times, your living what most consider normal life. (At least thats how things are in these parts)

So as I contemplate walking to a place near the next interview the day before with my interview clothes in a garment bag and find a relatively safe place to spend the night I have two thoughts running through my mind. First is I hope I get the job, the second…. How am going to get to work everyday if I do?

EDIT:This was posted After a conversation with a friend in this current situation. Last paragraph was the last thing he said to me several days ago.



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