Feds trying to take bikers intellectual property

October 21, 2008

According to Reuters the feds have raided the Mongols MC. The raids spanned seven states and have netted 60 or so bikers and about 10 others. The feds are also trying to go after the clubs intellectual property. Namely the clubs colors. Now, obviously I’m not a lawyer, but from my rough overstanding of how trademark works, they can’t do this. Some how I can’t see a cop trying to take the colors off a Mongol. Hell It would take several to try and take my colors. Fuck that shit.
Mongols, fuck the cops, no code 55, rock your colors.
Also in the article there is mention of undercover agants passing polygraphs administered by the club. In such a stressful situation, if they can pass a polygraph, how can such a test be admissible in any court trial?


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