October 22, 2008

So I have a friend that was told by his landlord that he has to move from his apartment. The reason at first was that he has family that needs the place. After several conversations it comes out that in fact it is due to the fact that the neighbor that owns the house next door complained to the city about the noise from the bike in the mornings. Since it is an unregistered apartment he has to move. The neighbor has been next door for about 7 months or so. He bought the house and moved into the basement apartment (we are checking to see if his is registered as well) and rfented the other 2. What bothers me most (aside from the fact that this as clown didn’t have the decency to speak to him directly) is that they are constantly throwing yard parties, during which thneir guests are constanly coming onto my friends property and leaving garbage everywhere. The neighborhood has gone downhill since they moved in.
Being that my boys landlord is a cop he doen’t want any trouble, so he will most likely just move. This is just more proof that people suck. After you do some stupid shit like this, how can you be surprised when shit happens to you?


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