November 10, 2008

So I’m trying to learn how to airbrush. I want to give my bike a custom paint job and it will be much cheaper if I can do the work myself. Overall not very difficult. I have a basic set up consisting of an Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS and a Badger 180-11. I can’t seem to find the model I have on the Badger site so here is the first link off Google. I would not buy this model. The link says it shoots at 25psi, but my gauge indicates 30. I will say that you should buy the best compressor you can afford. The one I have is made for nails and has trouble shooting the Createx and Auto Air paint that I have. Even if I thin it down it just isn’t strong enough to shoot consistent lines. That makes trying to learn frustrating as it is hard to determine if its the dope on the gun or the dope behind it. In practicing at my brothers, who has a good compressor I get consistently clean lines. Still, when you consider that I got it at no cost, it makes it hard to complain.


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