November 10, 2008

I hear that word quite a bit. Truth be told I personally don’t use it much, but there are times that I do. One of the things I can say that I hate are Cimex lectularius aka the bedbug. I don’t think I’m alone in hating these vile things. Fir the most part I have nothing against bugs in general. I have served in both the US Army and The US Marine Corps. and have slept on the ground in several countries. (on duty and passed out drunk at times off) I have had many things crawl on me and not been over bothered by it. Then  again why should I? I am in its native environment and need to expect such things. However when I lay my head to rest at what I call home, I don’t expect these vampiric fucks to feast on me.

Before you say anything let me clearly state that I do  not have bedbugs. I recently got a call from an old friend asking me to help him dump some things as he had bedbugs. He was extremely embarrassed by the whole affair. It doesn’t reflect on him in my opinion. What would have reflected negatively on him was if he had just dumped the infested items outside. See there is a bedbug epidemic in the county I live in. Caused in large part ( I think) by irresponsible people. You see people are discovering these little fuckers and just dumping their mattresses and other furniture out into the street as is. All this does is allow the fuckers to spread. Yes eventually infecting the person that dumped the shit over again. How hard is it to place that mattress in a bag before putting it out in the street? How about using some JT Eaton  Kills Bedbugs on it before putting it in plastic?

This just re-enforces my belief that people suck. It wasn’t more than a few months ago that I discovered just how bad the bedbug situation had gotten in my county. I have been to no less than 7 peoples yard (in apartment buildings) that had furniture dumped that was just teeming with the vampiric fucks. I call them vampiric as they are nocturnal and live off of blood. Bring back DDT and eradicate these things.


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