Brock vs Randy

November 17, 2008

As everyone knows by now Brock Lesnar has defeated Randy Couture for the UFC HW title. While I am not now, nor have I been in the past a Lesnar fan, I have to give credit where it is due. Congrats Brock. There are many that have been busy making excuses for Randy saying that he almost or it could have… Enough already, Randy lost fair and square. There are also many that are confused as to how there are two HW champs at the moment. To quickly recap how we got here:

  • Randy beat Tim Sylvia for the HW
  • Randy defended the belt from Gabriel Gonzaga
  • Randy leaves UFC due to contract dispute (UFC doesn’t strip Randy of title, I don’t get it)
  • Tim Sylvia loses to Antonio Rodrigo Nouguiera earning Nog the interim championship
  • Frank Mir taps out Brock Lesnar for a shot at Nogs ‘belt’
  • Randy returns thus creating a split championship
  • Nog will fight Mir
  • Winner will fight Lesnar to unify title

I predict it will be Nog vs Lesnar with Nog tapping Lesnar out.

Moving forward I really believe as do many others that the UFC needs to created a super heavyweight division. At 265 (the max for the hw division) and much higher after rehydrating, there is too much of a gap and thus an advantage for some of these larger fighters. No other division has such a disparity. We will see what happens. For those that care, no I don’t think that Brock deserved a title shot after only 3 fights one a loss, but those that run the UFC are in business to make money and Brockvs Randy no matter how you feel about it is/was a mint.

Randy came back during the taping of this current TUF. The fight had already been set between Mir and Nog when Randy announced his return.
Now having 2 HW titles a min tourny was made…
Randy vs. Brock fight #1
Nog vs Mir fight #2
Winners of both fight to unify the titles.
Right now its Brock vs the winner of Nog Mir for the unified HW title.


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