May 27, 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard of metropcs and their all you can eat plan for $50/month. While I can complain about the crappy selection of phones or the up to 40 minute delays people are telling me it takes to get a sms at times. Or even the sms failures on rainy days. (From my tests this affects sms to non-metropcs networks. So if i send a txt from a metropcs phoned to an at&t phone and its raining, there’s a good chance it’ll tell me sms failure. General fault.) What really gets me is the fee for paying your bill and the need to give the name of the account holder as well as the password to the account. To pay the bill… Seriously? At a corporate store, there is a $3 fee plus all that info to just pay the bill. Alternatively you can use the payment machine and just pay $2 without the need to give anything but the phone number. Questioning a manager about the need (regular employees will just give you a blank stare and say thats policy) and they tell you its for your own protection. Protection against what? Is there some evil organization out there going around paying peoples bills? Can someone please explain how you can justify charging me to pay my bill? I would like 15minutes alone in a locked room with the asshat that came up with that little jewel. Oh and let me finish by saying that if I pay for a month of service and my service starts on the 15th then my account is past due and may be disconnected on the 16th, not on the 15th of the following month as metropcs likes to do.
In closing let me just say metropcs fuck you and have a nice day.


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