In loving memory

June 6, 2009

At 1358 edt on the 4th of June 2009, my mother Ana Lydia Pacheco died as a result of liver failure. She had contracted hepatitis-c from a blood transfusion while undergoing a hysterectomy. Its odd. This woman beat cancer. Shit she was up and about a week after her surgery. Another week later you would have never guessed that she had surgery. We didn’t know she had gotten hep-c at the time.
Fast forward to several months ago. She goes to the hospital with what she believes are kidney pains. Shes had stones before. This is when we find out about the hep-c. She is put on some regiment of weekly shots, but that is discontinued when she begins retaining water. Her doctor submits her to the transplant list several times from which she is removed. She’s removed because we cant show a bank account with a balance of at least 30k. An account that the hospital wants power of attorney to. They would not accept the money in cash. We had secured a loan from people that would not deposit those sums. Before we could create a front for the cash, she went into liver failure and passed.
There won’t be a funeral. Mom always said she didn’t want one. She abhored the idea of people seeing her in a box and crying. She also didn’t like the idea of the fakes and hatedrs making their snide comments. So we will honor her wishes by having an extremely small ceremony and having her creamated. This is to be attended by a select few that have always been there. For all others there will be a party where we will celebrate her life instead of morning her loss. Those are her wishes and we will honor them.
If you knew her, then remember her as she lived. A woman that always had a kind word for a friend, but also an implacable enemy. Remember her as the free spirit that she was. But most of all remember her. Shed not a tear for her passing but instead hoist up a beer in her name when you party, she would’ve done the same for you.
Te quiero vieja. Te llevo en mi corazon siempre.


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