Research shows…

July 27, 2009

Its odd. I was talking with a friend the other day, he was talking about a t-shirt he saw a toddler wearing that read “the condom broke”. For my part i thought it was funny, others however did not. I will not address my feelings toward the nosy ass biddies that interjected into our conversation, I will however address some of their comments. The one lady on hearing the slogan on the shirt makes a comment along the lines of “how dreadful”. The other one agrees and adds that studies have shown that such items sexualizes children and affects them latter in life. My first reaction was WTF? Why would you comment on a conversation that has nothing to do with you directly to the people that are having the covo in the first place? I mean shit, if your eavesdropping and want to have your own conversation based on what you heard then great, but don’t interject your unsolicited comments into our conversation. That being said I have to begin to question some of this research. First off just what research are they talking about? In regards to this type of research I have to question how their conclusions would change in an environment where people didn’t make any kind of issue over these things. See I think that most of the so called effect that many of these things are causing have to do with the fact that the kids are being hit from all sides with different reactions and attitudes. If people didn’t make any kind of issue about things one way or another and just ignored that type of thing, would there be any kind of impression made? Now I realize that this isn’t likely to happen but how would things change if it were? I think much of this behavioral nonsense would cease should that be the case. I think that in large part the reactions and opinions of people in regards to whatever is being studied is what actually affects and influences the kids. Product of the environment indeed. Not all kids in the same type on environment turn out the same because they react according to how they see others react. Since not everyone is exposed to the same exact reactions their outlook tends to reflect those same reactions… Then again maybe I’m talking out my ass.


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