Analog and Digital

August 16, 2009

There are days when someone will comment how they never expected me to like or do something because they always considered me a modern techie. Perfect example is shaving. I use an old straight razor that I sharpen and strop regularly. There is something about the old way of doing certain things that I like. I also have a thing for pocket watches. Neither of these things are the point of this post however. What I am gong to talk about is cameras. Specifically about 2 cameras I own. Both Canon. I have only owned 2 brands of cameras my whole life. Canon and Pentax. No reason and not a conscious reason why I always bought from those brands. Its just the way it is. As I said I own 2 cameras both Canon. The first is my current camera and is what I carry around (mounted to a monpod) when I carry a camera a Rebel XTI. Nothing special but meets most of my needs.  The second camera is also the second slr that I owned (the first being a Pentax K1000) a Canon AE-1. One of my neighbors gave me the camera complete with a 50mm prime and a JC Penny branded 80-200mm lens with a 2x focal converter. The JC Penny bit threw me for a loop. As I was playing with the camera, cycling the film advance, releasing the shutter and seeing the film number advance I could help but think back to how I used to take pictures. Man back in the day I can recall giving thought about taking a shot because I was low on film. I can vividly recall waiting for the film to come back from the lab. I never used 1hr developing because it was cheaper to just wait. I can recall waiting nervously to see how they came out, did I have it in frame? Was it in focus (sometimes I would lift my glasses for some reason or other and the focus would be off), did I set the exposure correctly… While there are many things I won’t miss from those days there are some I remember fondly. Here are some quick and cheesey  comparison shots I took with an iPhone for no reason other than I wanted to. Wow they came out bad… Oh well…


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