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N900 media

January 17, 2010

With the screen cracked on my n900, I have some time to re-encode some videos for it. Gotta save them pennies for a new unit.

Encoding video for tablet


Fios scam or typo?

August 20, 2009

So while fast forwarding through the commercials while watching tv earlier today something flashes by that catches my attention so I pause, rewind and advance screen by screen. I notice that the fine print doesn’t add up to the offer. They are offering what ants to the same as cables triple play for 79.99 for the first 6 months.  (for those with blank stares thats 3 services tv, phone and internet) The fine print under this states that a one year agreement is 99.99 but oddly says for months 7-24.Where are months 13-24 coming from? Really can’t someone proof read these things? Or is it something else. Either way screen cap below.

Screen grab



August 10, 2009

With everything that’s going on lately I was getting quite stressed out. Didn’t notice it myself but others did and brought it to my attention.  There is nothing like a little fishing to help recharge the old batteries. This guy got a pardon. All day we caught and released. Not all are so lucky though. This guy apart from being my first of the day was also the average size of the trip. Huge ass catfish not counting.

as in the fish... what did you think?

Leatherman Service

July 14, 2009

Like many people I own a leatherman multi-tool. My particular tool is the leatherman wave which is discontinued but still easily available through various sources. Well I had broken the main knife blade on it and with some trepidation mailed it back to leatherman as they have a 25 year warranty on their multi-tools. I just got it back after just under 3 weeks. Wow these people are awesome. Not only do they make an incredible tool, they also provide awesome service. Along with my tool sent a description of the problem and my contact info. My tool came back in like new condition. Not only did they replace the blade, but they also sharpened the other blades and replaced all of the worn driver bits. They polished it, which removed 95% of all the scratches it had. Like I said, it returned in like new conditions. By far the best customer service I have ever gotten. Mad props to Leatherman. I am a customer for life.



July 14, 2009

So what is it with cops that make them think that the law they are employed to uphold doesn’t apply to them. For the last 7-8 months I have taken to watching the police in my town and the surrounding towns. On average cops pretty much do whatever they want. Illegal u-turns when there is no call, no seat belts, talking on the phone. Hell, I had counted on one day no less than 4 officers driving with no seat belt on talking on the cellphone while eating an ice cream bar! Sadly those aren’t the only infractions I’ve seen committed. Extremely prevalent are officers parking illegally in very inconvenient places while they go have lunch. Leaning on business owners for discounts and free items seems to be popular. My favorite is when they stop in the middle of the street and talk to their buddy that is parked on the side of the same street, there-by stopping traffic. God forbid that someone trapped behind them has the audacity to honk the horn, for those that do and don’t know any better it is an instant ticket. I say those that don’t know better because having been in that situation I refused to be ticketed because he was parked in the middle of the street. YMMV however so be aware that you may have to go to court and have evidence to not get a ticket. Being that I have several hundred pics of most of the officers in my town doing things they shouldn’t kind of gives my complaining some weight, but still… Don’t let them get away with it. More to follow. I am currently considering posting new pictures taken of our boys in blue. Oink oink motherfucker


Happy July 4th

July 4, 2009

When I was a child, I had 3 days a year I used to look forward to. My birthday, Halloween and the 4th of July. Even as I got older it didn’t change. The night before those days I would barely be able to sleep from the anticipation. As time went on and I served this country in not one but two branches of the military in a combat mos (Army and Marines) I found new appreciation for the 4th. Sadly however that is no longer the case. I am beginning to fear that the 4th of July at some point will become one of those forced fake holidays. I say that because I can no longer celebrate the most important aspect of the 4th… Freedom. This country under the guise of protecting us is taking those freedoms that myself and many before me and many right now have fought and are fighting for. Our government is now beginning to dictate how we live our lives. Telling us where we can smoke, what kind of oil we can use to fry our food.. Let me stop right there. Sadly the list is too large to make. All supposedly for our good. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need some government agency to tell me what to do and where. I don’t need you to create more agencies to watch over every aspect of my life. I am a grown ass man and can do that for myself thank you very much. How about instead of worrying about me smoking in a bar (a bar for fucks sake) you go fix our health care system. How about you figure out a way to help the unemployed or the homeless. Your not fooling me. These laws your passing haven’t distracted me from the real problems that face society. Remember how this country was formed and why. I will cut this post short as I am disgusted with having to even write this. The land of the free. Yeah right.


The come back

May 24, 2009

Regular posts will resume soon. Have been busy being unemployed trying to keep eating. Also working on a few short stories and news items.